Winning Streak Mode is a new gameplay mode available at certain times of the day. Every day, the map changes between different existing Event Maps, and will be shown within the Winning Streak interface. It can be initiated for free once per day, and as per the name, ends when you fail to win a game.

During Winning Streak, you will be paired with other Winning Streak Mode players and play a game of Singles Match. You can take Boost Items as you like. On the start of the game, characters will broadcast phrases related to the mode instead of their respective character setting.


"Winning Streak Mode" banner

In-game, "Winning Streak Mode" banner will be added under the Betting Amount banner.

Losing in Winning Streak games will not give Black Pearls, and is not capped.


  • UTC+0, 0000-0400 and 1000-1600
  • UTC+8, 0800-1200 and 1800-0000

During weekends, Winning Streak Mode is paused in favor of Guild Match.



Prizes are determined by the number of consecutive wins. A Winning Streak Reward box will be delivered in the mailbox when the winning streak is over.

([Low] = [Character] or [Skill Card], where [High] = [Character] or [Skill Card] or [Goods])

Win Streak Reached Reward
Gold Goods Items Gems
None 10,000
1 10,000 x1 2★ Goods Draw
2 20,000 x1 2★ Goods Draw
3 30,000 x3 2★ Goods Draw
4 50,000 x3 2★ Goods Draw x2 [Low]
5 90,000 x5 2★ Goods Draw x2 [Low] 10
6 130,000 x5 2★ Goods Draw x2 [Low] 30
7 170,000 x5 2★ Goods Draw x2 [Low] 50
8 210,000 x1 3★ Goods Draw x3 [High] 100
9 250,000 x1 3★ Goods Draw x3 [High] 300
10 290,000 x1 3★ Goods Draw x3 [High] 500
11 330,000 x2 3★ Goods Draw x3 [High] 600
12 370,000 x2 3★ Goods Draw x5 [High] 700
13 410,000 x1 4★ Goods Draw x5 [High] 1,000
14 450,000 x1 4★ Goods Draw x5 [High] 1,000
15 500,000 x2 4★ Goods Draw x5 [High] 2,000

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