April 7, 2016 - April 13, 2016

To all contestants of the Genius League!

Welcome to Romania, where so many secrets await to be revealed! Collect Invitation Cards to enter the Mansion and get Special Rewards.

Crafting Materials Edit

In order to obtain Mansion Map and Family Pendant, you have to craft Mysterious Box with x3 Invitation Cards. The Mysterious Box will be sent to your mail and opening it will give you Mansion Map (common) or Family Pendant (rare.)

Crafting List Edit

Craft Reward Materials
Mysterious Box x3 Invitation Card
50,000 Gold x10 Mansion Map
50,000 Gold x1 Family Pendant
Ember of Growth x30 Mansion Map

x2 Family Pendant

100 Gems x10 Mansion Map

x5 Family Pendant

500,000 Gold x10 Mansion Map

x5 Family Pendant

5★ Skill Card x40 Mansion Map

x10 Family Pendant

5★ Character x60 Mansion Map

x15 Family Pendant

New Contents Ticket x3 Mansion Map

x3 Family Pendant

Secret Pouch x100 Mansion Map

x20 Family Pendant

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