Walking Cane of the Riches
Rarity 2★-5★
Triggering Phase Roll
Limiting ConditionDice roll is 7, No buff
Max Usage
Stat increment per level
Mechanics Taking Joy
Release Date April 14, 2016

When dice roll is 7 and there is no buff on myself, get 70/55/40/25% of Start Money by 25/20/15/10% chance from my JOY

Strategy Edit

7 is an easy roll. This equipment is easy to trigger. Additionally, it has no usage count limitations, and can be triggered many times throughout the game. It may even be more powerful than Bring It Drone.

Its effect is unrivaled and is undoubtedly the strongest Goods when it comes to improving your chance of victory:

  • It increases your PLAYJOY deposit, directly protecting you (with a varying degree of effectiveness) from getting bankrupt as compared to playing without.
  • It doesn't introduce additional expected opportunity cost, as if you were to go bankrupt, you only lose what is lost, taken from PLAYJOY instead of your main JOY.
  • It is the only equipment for boosting your PLAYJOY that has unlimited uses.
  • Because your PLAYJOY is boosted throughout playing, if you are to survive and get into the scenario where the player with the most PLAYJOY wins, you have a decisive advantage in value.

However, if you run out of main JOY, you may start to not be able to bet, and lose the ability to request a Loan.

Counter Edit

Bankrupt your opponents using this Goods early before it's too late. An alternate way is to outplay them.

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