My in-game name is Bunira, but you can call me Bunnie. You can ask me anything about the game or wikia as long as I know how to answer it. I look over the Game of Dice wikia to make sure no vandalism happens and to keep it updated. All edits and discussions on the GoD Wikia are sent to my email and looked over. I am not a pro at coding. I have very basic knowledge of it so I apologize for future mistakes.

Q & A

Who is the founder and when did you become admin?

  • The founder is Defjayflow08 who owns two GoD Wikias (both inactive). This wikia was empty before I took over it. Admin was given to me on December 12, 2015.

Why did you decide to take the GoD Wikia?

  • I was in love with the game when I first joined, and promised one of the JOYCITY Staff on Facebook I'd make one for them without knowing an inactive one existed already.

How long have you been playing for?

  • I played since early December 2015. Unfortunately, I'm not as active but I still like the game.

I want to edit something onto the Wikia, is that okay?

  • It is always okay to edit a page unless it's protected! The only pages that are protected are: Homepage and Kai. They can be edited if you're a wikia member though. The reason why Kai's page is protected is because people seem to dislike him and was vandalized before because of it.

This strategy is not very helpful. Can I remove it?

  • Yes, any strategy that isn't very helpful can be removed without asking. I always look over edits so I will undo the edit if the strategy turns out to be fitting.

There is an issue with my game and I keep disconnecting. Can you fix it!?

  • No. I am not the JOYCITY staff and cannot solve your technical issues. Send a ticket.

Is this the only Wikia you're working on?

  • I have the LINEPLAY Wikia (which needs lots of work) and used to work on Dragomon Hunter Wikia.