Last updated: 2016-05-12

This tier list is written by me, kitsuyume. It's targeted at Guild Match (Team), Main. The strategy is to win big consistently, not accounting for special decks. I may use the great tier as an indicator of skill card requirements for my Plat-II guild, Oblivion.

E.g. special rush deck Turbo God's Judgment + Turbo Road Tour + Turbo Bash

Feel free to edit or comment on this.

Assumptions: highest rarity (usually 5-star) is implied, not accounting for Turbo. for example, Turbo smack could be ranked slightly higher.

Synergies should also be accounted for. For instance, having a deck highly specialized in Takeover is very effective. Too many opponent movement cards in the absence of toll boosters can also be a problem. Ox control is generally very important, but too many of these cards in both teammates decks would be unnecessary.

Dice control isn't accounted for either. For instance, Flight with +60% dice control makes it really really powerful... I'd rate it at 88, because it combines well with Pull/Drag and can be used for Ox control.


Beyond Great


☠Move 100

I'm Taking It

Takeover 99
More and More Toll ★ 96
Curse Toll ★ 95
Pursuit Move 94
Wind Jump Move 92
Pull ☠Move 89
Drag ☠Move 89

Very Great
Master Navigator Defense 86
Excellent Choice ☠Move 85
Symbol of Wealth Toll↑⌂ 83
Rainbow Party Toll↑⌂ 81
Steal Property Takeover 80
I See Gold! Toll↑⌂ 78
All or None Toll↑⌂ 77
Slow ☠Move 76
This is MY LAND Takeover 75
Free For All Takeover 75
Interception Takeover 74

Revenge Takeover 72
King of Pirates Toll↑ 72
Cool It Ox Defense 70
Blackout Defense 70
Shiver me Timbers! ☠Move 67
World Tour ☠Move 67
Discount Coupon Defense 66
Power Build Toll↑ 66
Flight Move 66


Above Average


Below Average




The Worst

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