I am quite lazy to write an intro, but here I go. I am Maine12329 (ign: kitsuyume). Right now, I'm an admin of Oblivion (formerly the platinum guild named Push). You can occasionally find me on the rather inactive Joycity forums with a sadly misspelled yusername (kitsuyme) that will sadly stay misspelled forever.

I am a university student doing my bachelors in Psychology. In my free time, I dance a style called Waacking, do some yoga at school, watch The Voice or Game of Thrones, and edit wikis. A slightly bigger thing I do is that I run a scanlation thing called Nara Scans that translates Real Account II and Kamen no Maid Guy for now, I suppose, until I get lazy again.

Blurb: I have two-toned black-pink hair in real life.


  • What is my job here on the wikia?
    • trolling uni editing cool stuff when I'm not lazy.
  • How long have you been playing for?
    • Only my iTunes download history would know.
  • What languages do you speak?
    • English, Singlish, sim./trad. Chinese, Hokkien Chinese, Japanese.
    • I can read Korean but have no idea what I'm reading.
  • Any tips for playing better?
    • Don't miss any of the event giveaways (I've missed too many). Always save your gems and lux points until there is a GOOD spending event. I always have savings.
  • Why do you play Game of Dice so much?
    • It keeps my mind off things. I'm definitely not the best player, but I do pretty good in GMs.
  • Anything else?
    • Well, I really hate guild politics around the Platinum guilds. There's such a thing as:
      • Spying
        • Joining a guild, recording every skill card of members, leaving next week to bring this info to their original guild to know who and what to counter.
      • Poaching
        • Joining a guild, befriending strong players, leaving with a huge bunch of them because friends want to stay together
      • Account stealing
        • Don't share your passwords, kids.
    • I did suggest simple countermeasures to Joycity, but I'm pretty sure suggestions are ignored most of the time.
    • Sometimes, guild matters get so stressful and I just want to take a break around here where it's peaceful. Still love my guild though... but I'll always miss my original guild master who taught me how to play for real.

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