aka Charmaine

  • I live in Singapore
  • I was born on October 18
  • My occupation is Psychology Student
  • I am Female
  • Maine12329

    I am quite lazy to write an intro, but here I go. I am Maine12329 (ign: kitsuyume). Right now, I'm an admin of Oblivion (formerly the platinum guild named Push). You can occasionally find me on the rather inactive Joycity forums with a sadly misspelled yusername (kitsuyme) that will sadly stay misspelled forever.

    I am a university student doing my bachelors in Psychology. In my free time, I dance a style called Waacking, do some yoga at school, watch The Voice or Game of Thrones, and edit wikis. A slightly bigger thing I do is that I run a scanlation thing called Nara Scans that translates Real Account II and Kamen no Maid Guy for now, I suppose, until I get lazy again.

    Blurb: I have two-toned black-pink hair in real life.

    • What is my job here on the…

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  • Maine12329

    This tier list is written by me, kitsuyume. It's targeted at Guild Match (Team), Main. The strategy is to win big consistently, not accounting for special decks. I may use the great tier as an indicator of skill card requirements for my Plat-II guild, Oblivion.

    E.g. special rush deck Turbo God's Judgment + Turbo Road Tour + Turbo Bash

    Feel free to edit or comment on this.

    Assumptions: highest rarity (usually 5-star) is implied, not accounting for Turbo. for example, Turbo smack could be ranked slightly higher.

    Synergies should also be accounted for. For instance, having a deck highly specialized in Takeover is very effective. Too many opponent movement cards in the absence of toll boosters can also be a problem. Ox control is generally very impor…

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