Hi everyone.

I'm Adrian from HK. My in-game name is 聖龍之神. Everyone called me AC as my whole name is Adrian Chan. I am just a newbie in editing. I found this wiki when I was finding some info about GoD one day. Hope the others can help me in editing. Thanks!

Questions about me:

·When did you start playing Game of dice? How do you know about this game? I was recommended by a group of friends in school and I started to play this game three months ago.

·When did you start edit on this wiki? I started editing around one month ago and I now had 60 edits in here.

·Can you solve problems about the game? I won't but I will try to help you if I knew anything about it.

·Which character do you like the most in Game of dice? Also which character are you using? Actually, I like Kai the best as he has a great overall ability and he is kinda cool. Now I'm using a 5 Platinum Rica.

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