Hello! We meet again!
Let's get to know about Skill Cards shall we?

Skill Card is essential in winning matches!
Watch carefully!

Action: Skill Card

Tap the Skill Card button below and go to Skill Card menu

Draw Edit

Welcome! This is where you can manage your Skill Cards.
Let's learn the basics about skill cards and try to card draw as well.

Action: Draw Skill Cards
Action: Normal Draw [No cost]
Action: x1 Draw [No cost]
Action: Reveal
Action: OK

Draw Skill Card can be used to acquire skill cards just like now.

Combine Edit

Now, let's try Combining skill cards.
Combining 6 skill cards will create a New Skill Card.

I've prepared 5 skill cards to proceed with Combine.

Action: Combine
Action: Select 6 provided Cards
Action: Normal
Action: OK

Great! Looks like luck was on your side!

Equip Edit

Now we will Equip the skill card obtained from combining.
But before that, let's briefly learn about the equipped skill card.

Action: Equip

The 3 skill cards on top are Starting Cards,
these will be used from the beginning of a game.

Choose your 3 starting cards wisely to have the upper hand in the early stage of the game!

The 6 skill cards on the bottom are Supplementary Cards, and these will be drawn additionally over the course of a game.

You will get a random card from 6 equipped skill cards every 4 turns. Equip skill cards that fit your play style.

Now, try to equip skill cards yourself. They can be assigned freely, however, cards of the same kind cannot be equipped at the same time.

Action: Select Steal Property (The only card)
Action: Select Celebrity's Goods (The card on bottom center)

Using skill cards at the right time may be difficult at first,
but practice makes perfect! It will make everything more fun!
That's it from me, try to collect as many skill cards as possible to diversify your strategy.

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