We can now Enhance Goods!
Once Goods are Enhanced, they become much stronger.

Action: Most Recent
Action: Select "Enhance" on top Goods

You can Enhance Goods from here

Action: Select Goods in Enhancement pane

You can check the details of registered Goods on the left

Let's select Goods to be used as enhancement material

Action: Select 4 provided Goods

Free chance! And it's all on me!

Action: Enhance [No cost]
Action: X

Hoooraaaay! You have reached Lv 10!

Let's try to Refine Goods now!

Action: Select "Refine" on top Goods

You can get Goods of higher grade from Refine!

Which Goods will it be?

Action: Refine [No cost]

Whoaaaaa!! Unihedron got rare Goods!
Now, shall we go rule the Genius League with these Goods?