• What's your starting Skillcard Deck and why did you choose those cards? What is your favorite card to use right now?

    Do you have a dream skillcard that you want in your strategy?

    Mines are,

    Starting Deck:

    Smack! (Valentine's Day): Gaining properties, of course. With its current dice control, it allows me to get doubles too.

    Discount Coupon 5*: While I have a Takeover Certificate, I just use this and steal property away with no toll. Even better with doubles.

    Interception 5*: I don't think I have to state why I have this in my deck. I just love stealing away high-toll properties by chance. lol

    Favorite Card: Pull or Drag. I just love it when the opponent thinks they're alive and I pull / drag them into my property.

    Dream Skillcard: Push. It's been my dream to get this card since I joined and I still want it badly. Alternatively, I also want I'm Taking It!

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    • I have Mine Now card.

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    • I have a Speeder build on my Set 1, Fighter build on my Set 2, and a Vacation build on my Set 3. My first set is my favourite and they consist of the following:

      Arts: Pursuit (Stealing color monopoly / ox + quick Start pass), turbo Smack (duh), turbo God's Judgement (I use it primarily for the dice control though, especially if Smack gets a double I'll burn God's Judgement to get another high roll.)

      Backup deck: I'm Taking It (the only card that lets you takeover two cities at once!), Steal Property (one of the few cards that gives you a free safe turn), Symbol of Wealth (to make the early growth count), turbo Road Tour (again, to cash in on when there are many properties. Road Tour's high probable payout makes it more reliable than other instant wealth cards), Pull + Drag (can end and win a game for you, and while they're not the most reliable cards, makes for a flexible mid/end-game; have the special charm of supporting your team in GW by pulling them onto Fortune Road or somewhere safer)

      My favourite card is, controversially, Symbol of Wealth. It is the rapid toll card that has the widest activation effect commonly; Rainbow Party is situational and often only useful in team matches, Festival is unreliable (in that the toll boosted city is unpredictable), while I See Gold is conditional (and requires money in the bank, which gets wasted) and Counterattack is too short. It (an effective Symbol of Wealth) can also stack with other Opponent Mechanic cards and help you end a game with a decent cash amount by dragging your opponent onto the level 4 toll boosted city which you just landed on and bet 4x for.

      My dream card is City Conquest. You know, the card that Bella gives you during the tutorial. It's just so overpowered, and is essentially a super version of Smack, except you won't get a vacation spot like Smack sometimes gives you. Oh, but on the talk of cards that actually exists, it would be Wind Jump (unfortunately I wasn't able to build the puzzle edition, and my special combines had no luck (seriously I've already wasted ~5k gems on 5* card rerolls)) or Push. I can't tell which one is better though.

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    • Lol, I got Victory! lately, and it probably fulfills my wish of getting a City Conquest card. Even better that the hologram gives a sweet DC boost and the city is upgraded to level 4, kinda like the city conquest block on the fortune road, without teleporting.

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    • Well, I've been playing for pretty much 5 months, and I've never gotten stuff for real cash.

      Currently, I've got 2 decks (I'm not VIP 5) and which consist of a toll and JOY Steal deck. I'm writing this at the time of 1st anniversary, so I've upgraded my skill decks.

      Toll deck: Counterattack 6 star (Extremely useful is the new map), smack 5 star, and Interception 5 star. I still haven't been able to grab 6 star smack, which is annoying, and I wasn't in time to get its turbo version.(They actually cancelled it). Supp. cards are all or none, berserk, winning move, You come or I go and symbol of wealth. All these are 6 stars, and my sixth card is excellent choice 5 star. I find All or none and counterattack a great combo, although I still haven't been able to guarantee that my opponent's going to give me cash. Winning move is, for me, an alternative for steal property as even though you have to hand over two properties to your opponent, but in return, when you step on your opponent's properties, they pay you 150% of that city's toll. It's great! 

      You come or I go is mainly for the effects of drag/pull, and 5 star excellent choice is only because I haven't got its 6 star version yet. :(

      I'll update this later. My in game username is Feedingyet, And I always give friendship points every day.

      P.S:They're giving out a nerfed 5 star push out to everyone! YAY.

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