• Just a place to post up my random questions which may or may not be helpful in terms of skill play. Expect most of them to sound exaggerated and troll-like for your giggles and facepalming purposes and entertainment.

    1.) Really? Weapons? You're going to allow Doria to carry a gun on a cruise ship? I can understand Black Rose's purpose of carrying a sword at all times, but seriously? What about Stella, and Sharon? No special TSA or background checks?

    2.) Does anyone know how to put Tags on the forums, the official ones, not this one? If you do know, could you please share?

    3.) Which Stat of a character is the most important, in your opinion and why? You can have more Stats chosen if needed.

    4.) Why, oh why, are there punctuation errors for the English version? They bother me ALOT.

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    • 1.) Doria is a police officer, as for the others I can't really explain. Weird things must happen in that cruise ship for a sadist superhero, crazy scientist, and stuff to not be checked. @.@

      2.) There's certain tags you can put. You can't make a new tag. I do know how to add tags but I can't show with an image example since for some reason I can't make a topic on the forums.

      It should be on the bottom of the topic post you're making through? It's like a white bar.

      3.) .. No clue

      4.) I notice there's a lot of errors in the English version. I wonder if they ever bother to fix them.

      Heck, they mispelled Sharon's name in Time Limited > Change Sharon (Lv. 20) Diamond Character (Lv. 1)

      I never knew we had a Sharaon.

      I have a questions too.

      1.) If Isabelle got lost, why aren't her parents looking for her or why isn't she looking for her parents and just joined Genius League instead?

      2.) Is Lynnway aware that Sophia is about to kick her butt?

      3.) Why isn't Black Rose exorcising Tory?

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    • 1.) Good question. Not sure if she was just given a black envelope and was then allowed to join or something.

      2.) It's possible, I would rate it at 30 - 40%.

      3.) Well, it does not seem like Tory is going after the founders of Midas Group and the Genius League. Black Rose might be there to shut up the possible ghosts of the dead past winners of the Genius League after they disappeared, though that's just mere speculation.

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    • traehkrad's
      1) Speaking of weapons, Anthony's gun VS Kai's tea cup? I mean, I get that he's a magician and all, but a fairer fight would be Teacup vs Hotdog right? FOOD FIGHT XD. This game feels like Deadman Wonderland to me at times, just less bloody and with little girls winning lots of money.

      3) I would favour

      • City Toll
      • Start Money Bonus
      • Tax Discount
      • Minibattle Payout
      • Vacation Toll
      • Jailbreak Cost

      4) They clearly have no proper proofreaders for their translation team. I mean, they could put an official "Report Bad Grammar" thread in the forums for the GMs to fix, but I dout they would lol.

      ori's 1-3

      1) Maybe isa's parents are in the Genius League *-* Fingers crossed that her parents are the guy and girl in Push.

      3) Tory's just a friendly ghost right? She's happy and doesn't need to move on XD ---

      My questions
      1) So technically are the Pirates/Navy now part of the genius league or should they be considered as separate entities?

      2) Ignoring Psy, Rica's the most unarmed and powerless pla My questions 1) So technically are the Pirates/Navy now part of the genius league or should they be considered as separate entities?

      2) Ignoring Psy, Rica's the most unarmed and powerless player, isn't she? I assume isa is budding in magic or some supernatural power by the way her doll moves on its own, and that Lucy can just hide behind Anthony's gun or speed away in her banana boat. Poor Rica...

      3) No one's really using Sharon's inventions (skill cards), and she has the worst cumulative stats of all the Genius league characters D: I was really hyped over Bring It Drone when it first came out only to find out it was a mistranslation .__. Will she finally have an OP card one day?

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    • Traehkrad's response,

      1.) It's confirmed that Isabelle joined 'accidentally.' I don't know how but like Maine said I am hoping her parents are searching for her or at least in Genius League lol

      3.) Ooh, that is true. I didn't think the past winners. Hopefully Tory will be left alone then.

      - - - - - - - - -

      Maine's Questions

      1) I think they're seperate entities since Anthony's ship is seperate from the Genius League and she attacked them and Kai is simply using the Navy to attack Anthony.

      2) Rica does seem to be the most defenseless, unfortunately. She only has her music and guitar unless you count her fans as some defense. Lucy has a pirate as her best friend, so I would not mess with her. lol

      3) Poor Sharon. Q_Q Maybe one day she will make a great invention..

      - - - - - - - - - -

      My Questions

      1.) How did Raven survive last year? I honestly hope they make a storymode to explain all these mysteries..

      2.) Who do you think would win the Genius League in the end?

      3.) Why is Mary searching for her brother in Genius League of all places? @_@

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    • Bunni's Questions:

      - - - - - - - - - -

      2.) Maybe Raven, or even Ion. I do wonder what happens to the losers though. When we lose all our money, we are gifted some in order to continue playing.

      3.) While I agree there are arguably better places to explore, the Genius League currently holds the most suspicion due to the winners disappearing. What if Kai was Mary's lost brother? :P

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    • Questions:

      1.) So, it seems the Genius League changes location from the Bella Cruise to Edward Prince's Mansion. Not sure where the Genius League is truly held on, any ideas?

      2.) Do you guys enjoy fooling around with me?

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    • 1) they're being held hostage everywhere T^T those poor captive kids... lol

      2) of course we do, treahk =D

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    • 1.) I feel like it's still the Bella Cruise since most of the story is there. Anthony setting her ship near Bella Cruise, Isabelle getting lost on Bella Cruise, you (the player) is invited to Bella Cruise because black envelope. JOYCITY still needs to reveal more of the story T_T

      2.) Of course, it's fun. lol

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    • 1) I'd be pretty surprised if the richest gentlemen who has the power to own an entire league lives in the same place the contest takes place in. It seems natural that he has his own laboratory and mansion. I'd say that in the new storyline where Ion was invited to the mysterious mansion to join the Genius League, he was invited by Prince himself so Edward could stick the experiment grade "Project-X" in him and let him join the league that way.

      2) Can't really say yet, I just discovered today that this trolling corner isn't a troll post and had a small community posting in it, so I'm a rookie.

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    • it's kind of like a backstory for Ion so is it time travel?

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    • I hate it when developers try to pull off a "plot twist" that involves time travelling. It takes a lot of build-up and bonding to justify any kind of event wrap.

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    • We are not sure whether Ion still had his powers before meeting Edward Prince then?

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    • I hope it is not time travel.. that would be so misplaced in this sort of story. lol

      I think the Mysterious Mansion map is meant to open the story and reveal more as event maps come in.

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    • I keep getting the unwanted cards.

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