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Tap Tap Game is a mini game feature that involves tapping the buttons as fast as you can without failing.

You can use the characters you own for this mini game.

Details Edit

Tap tap
  • Only 5-star and above characters can be used.
  • Tap the buttons as quickly as you can before the life meter runs out.
  • You can pick up chests as you advance through the mini game.
  • Press the yellow Go Forward button on yellow blocks.
  • Press the green Switch button on green blocks to switch positions.
  • Failing to tap the correct button will result in the character instantly dying and switching out to the next character available.
  • It takes 5 hours for one try to recover

Characters Edit

  • Diamond has 30 hearts
  • Gold has 20 hearts
  • 5-star has 15 hearts

Fever Edit

  • The faster you tap, the more the Fever meter will fill up.
  • When you're in Fever, arrow and switch blocks will not affect you. It is best to take advantage of this.

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