Specialty Toll on Cities
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Voice Actors FlagKR Unknown
FlagJP Unknown 2
Refia is an android who yearns for human emotions.

She is a premium character, meaning she starts out as only 5*.


Trivia Edit

  • Instead of human ears, she has two metallic cat ears on top of her head.
  • Little is known about Refia's story. She appears three times in 'TITLE', under Sharon's Scientific Theory, Sharon's Out-Of-Place Invention and Kaito's Flawless Invention. It's possible that she was built as an experiment by Sharon but something went wrong. Due to Refia's behavior, it sounds like Sharon tried to create a full human, but forgot to give Refia any emotions. Refia constantly questions her own existence and asks other characters what emotions are. Sharon probably didn't have time for this. It seems she gave Refia to Kaito, who was able to fix whatever was wrong. Later quotes show semi-understanding of human feelings - upon winning a battle, she asks is it's appropriate to laugh!
  • While idle, Refia's eyes shoot red lasers. She carefully moves her head from side to side, scanning the board as if searching for something.
  • She will occasionally create a digital, blue heart during the game - especially when landing on Bank, Start and Golden Ox
  • If Refia lands in or gets sent to jail, her eyes appear to project angry blue screens with white text
  • Several added pieces of her arms can detach. The shoot pale blue lasers that are used to conquer cities. They almost act like a sort of pet.

Quotes Edit

  • Greet - "What is 'emotion'?"
  • Provoke - "I'm sorry, do you need a candy?"
  • Happy - "Hmm... can I laugh now?"
  • Sad - "I am feeling... 'sorrow'?"
  • Anger - "My internal temp is rising. Error..."