The Powder Shop is a store accessed from the Dice interface. It is mainly used for spending Mysterious Powder, a material obtained by selling VIP Dice Fragments. It can be upgraded to unlock more slots by spending Gems, and also refreshed with Gems to get new items.

Within the Powder Shop, four slots are open by default, while some are locked:

Rare Average Average Average

500 Gems


100 Gems


100 Gems


100 Gems

By spending Mysterious Powder, different items can be bought, even ranking rewards that are otherwise impossible to obtain.

Trades Edit


A look at the powder shop.

Item Amount

(by powder)

Dice Fragments
1★ fragments 50 for 40
2★ fragments 50 for 60
3★ fragments 50 for 160
VIP fragments 50 for 250
Blizzard Dice 50 for 500
JOY 1B for 100
Gold 20k for 100
Gems 20 for 100
Ranking Medal 60 for 10
Ember of Growth 500 ea
5★ Gold Character 3,000 ea

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