Music Box Dice

Music Box1

Rica's Music Box dice, specially designed for Rica. A popular dice amongst the fans with Rica's hit songs included.

Crafting CostEdit

Rarity Fragments Gold
3★ 120 50,000
4★ 160 100,000
5★ 200 150,000

Dice Stats Edit

Dice Effect Details
3★ 4★ 5★
Dice Control Dice rolled matches the number where ROLL gauge stops 28% 30% 32%
Bonus Takeover Item Receive 2 takeover certificate when arriving at Take over of Fortune Road 36% 46% 56%
Loyal TaxPayer Move immediately to bank when arriving at National Tax block 10% 16% 25%

Treasure Cube Info Edit

Activation condition - 5 Stars

Maximum receivable gift

Joy 1B
Gems 20
Gold 10,000

*CCB - City Conquerer Boost

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