Mini Glass Ball
Rarity 4★-5★
Triggering Phase Unique: Opponent Landing On Me
Max Usage 2
Stat increment per level 1% each
Mechanics Taking Joy
Release Date April 14, 2016

Steal 15/10% of opponent's wealth by 15/10% when opponents land on the same block as I

Mechanic Edit

If I am on a property which is hostile for said opponent, the opponent will pay toll after I steal wealth. (Naturally, this means it takes more money than otherwise.)

If I am on Lottery Won! block, the wealth stolen is calculated before adding the new wealth balance of the added money.

If I am on the Minibattle block and It's a Trap! is active, the wealth stolen is calculated before the effect of It's a Trap! resolves.

Strategy Edit

This Goods triggers on an opponent's landing if they land on the same block as I am. A part of their wealth is stolen as long as it is true that there is balance in their PLAYJOY.

It will trigger during any player's turn, both theirs and mine. To clarify, landing by an ordinary dice roll may trigger it. An opponent using Pursuit to get to my position may trigger it. When you use Pull and Drag or the likes, the effect may also trigger.

The effect resembles I Dare You, and introduces a consistent threat for the opponents.

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