If you already have the basics down, see Gameplay and Strategies.

How to Join Edit

Tap on "Join A Table." Choose Versus, Friendly, or Solo Mode

  • If you're new to the game, it is recommended to follow the Guide Mission prescribed by Fia

You can choose to join a Singles Match or Team Match. In Team Match, you can play a game with a random partner or invite a friend.

  • A Singles Match only has 3 (or 2 in a 1v1 map) competitors while Team Match has 4 competitors with two pairs of partners.
  • It is possible to get a 4-competitor game though you have to invite 3 of your friends or find an opponent willing to play in Friendly Matches
Main article: Boost Items

Once you enter the match, you can choose Boost Items to help you get a head start in the beginning. The selectable start bonuses are Start Money, City Conquerer and Add Takeover. You can buy them with gold at the same time if you don't have them already.

Channels (Older Version of the game)Edit

There is a requirement for each channel in order to join them.

Rookie - 1B JOY or Rookie Entry Ticket (unobtainable) (Must own below 10B JOY, or you can't join.)

Professional - 5B JOY or more, or Professional Entry Ticket (Must own below 30B JOY, or you can't join)

Master - 20B JOY or more, or Master Entry Ticket (Must own below 200B JOY, or you can't join)

Grand Slam - 60B or more, or Grand Slam Entry Ticket

Universe - 150B or more, or Universe Entry Ticket

There is a cap on how much JOY you can lose if you loss a match. The opponent cannot receive more than the maximum JOY that can be lost even if you lose more than the cap.

Rookie Lose Cap - 5B JOY

Professional Lose Cap - 15B JOY

Master Lose Cap - 60B JOY

Grand Slam Lose Cap - 150B JOY

Universe Lose Cap - No lose cap

  • Though in a certain update Channels are replaced with a matchmaking system with the Maximum win limit being the player with the least amount of JOY they have. In short, the channel system is obsolete

Selecting Order Edit

Before the match begins, you are put into a Selection Order screen where they pick the order of who goes first to last. It will randomly select who goes first, second, third, and last. This determines when you can roll your dice during the match.

  • The 3rd and 4th turn order will receive an additional Takeover Certificate.

The Match Edit

Competitors will be given in-game playing JOY and bonuses will be applied.

Whoever has the most playing JOY will be placed at 1st place, not the person with the most properties.

You start out with your starting Skill Card deck (3 Skill Cards in the beginning of the game). You can set it up at the Skill Card tab at the home screen.

  • It's best to have a starting deck that focuses on letting you have the most properties owned early game, or you can go in a different direction and try to bankrupt your opponents as soon as possible.

Only one Skill Card can be used per dice roll. Players controlling Jokers can use a separate Skill Card and play 2 cards in one turn depending on their strategy

Turn Time Limit Edit

You will only have 16 seconds to roll your dice. Within the time limit, you must complete your actions (using a Skill Card, rolling the dice, ETC.)

If the time runs out, you will be put into auto-play and roll the dice automatically. The turn will be passed on to the next player.

  • Auto-play will continue until you're actively playing again. In auto-play, Skill Cards and Takeover Certificates will be used if you are setting their in options.
    • This options can be access when you are setup to a game. There is a button "Autoplay settings" at upper right on selecting start money and certificate screen.

Properties Edit

The board will be filled with unowned properties. The person to land on the unowned property first takes it. If you land on another player's property, you have to pay toll. If it's your property or your teammate's then you're not required to pay any toll.

You can take over your opponent's property if you have a Takeover Certificate or a Skill Card that lets you steal properties.

  • You can only carry 3 Takeover Certificates at a time so use them wisely. You can gain more on Fortune Road.

There are two types of properties, Cities and Vacation Spots.

You can level up your cities by passing or landing on START. The START effect will increase the player's city building level by 1. Cities can grow up to 4 levels.

Vacation Spots are different. You level them up by owning more vacation spots. For example, owning two Vacation Spots will mean your vacation spots are Lv. 2.

  • However, in some newer maps you can upgrade your Vacation Spots by revisiting them.

Betting Edit

If you land on one of your properties, you can bet x2 or x4, or x3 and x5 on the day of that daily buff. Betting will increase the city's toll according to the amount you chose. You must have enough JOY in your JOY Bank in order to bet.

It will go towards the bet amount at the top of the screen.

Bankrupting Edit

Players can become bankrupt if their playing JOY is too low to pay the toll, tax, ETC. If you have enough JOY in your JOY Bank to still play, you can request a loan.

A loan will let you back into the game with 50M (or more depending on the match's difficulty) JOY. If you become bankrupt after loaning, you're eliminated from the match. You cannot request a loan twice exception to some certain maps.

Goal Edit

The goal of the game is to bankrupt your opponent's playing JOY. This can be done early-game or late-game.

You can bankrupt their starting money and loan money early-game. This is easily done with Haste Gamble Deck but it's very risky because you can bankrupt yourself as well. You can also utilize Dice Modifier Skill Cards to bankrupt them.

Bankrupting your opponents late-game can be done with high-toll properties and using Skill Cards like Celebrity's Visit, Counterattack, and more. Opportunistic cards like Pull, Drag, and You Come or I Go can grab an opponent onto a city after betting.

It's easy to bankrupt your opponent after they loan with Bash and City Tour if there are lots of properties in possession.