Magical Dice1

Magical Dice was created by the magicians by inserting magical powers. It's ancient magic secretly controls the Dice roll when it's used.

Crafting CostEdit

Rarity Fragments Gold
3★ 240 200,000
4★ 360 250,000
5★ 400 300,000
6★ 800 3,000,000

Dice Stats Edit

Dice Effect Details
Trigger %
Dice Control
Dice rolled matches the number where ROLL gauge stops
Minibattle Duelist
Minibattle multiplier increases by x2
Sudden Growth
City level increase by 1 when arriving at my city
Increase Toll Fee on Lv.4 City
Increase toll fee by x0.5 when revisiting a Lv.4 city of mine

Treasure Cube Info Edit

Activation Condition - 5 Stars

Maximum Receivable Gift

Gems 50
Gems 30
Gold 15,000
JOY 550M

Animation Edit

Magical Dice2

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