Lovely Dice1

Lovely Dice

Well-Known for its matchmaking abilities, Lovely dice is one of the most popular dice in the league. A must have item to achieve both love and victory.

The Lovely Dice can be obtained by tapping on the Dice tab for the first time as a new user.* You're given enough fragments to create the Lovely Dice.

Crafting CostEdit

Rarity Fragments Gold
2★ Free* Free*
3★ 60 ?
4★ 80 ?
5★ 100 ?

Dice Stats Edit

Dice Effect Details
Trigger %
Dice Control
Dice rolled matches the number where ROLL gauge stops
18% ? ? 28%
Investment Support
Start money increases by 15%
32% ?% ? 44%
Special Exemption
Exempted from paying tax when arriving at National Tax Service
15% ?% ?% 30%

Treasure Cube Info Edit

Activation condition - 4 Stars

Maximum receivable gift

Gold 20,000
Joy 500M
Joy 300M
Starting Joy Item 2

Animation Edit

1★ Dice
2★ Dice
Lovely DiceCameleon DiceBlizzard Dice
3★ Dice
VIP Dice
Event Dice

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