Liz's Broomstick is a Craft Material available during an event to celebrate Liz's character release.

This was a free method to obtain Liz and enhance her, and crafting Ember of Growth.

Liz uses this broomstick in one of her idle animations in-game.

Crafting Edit

Craft Reward Materials
5★ Liz x20 Liz's Broomstick
x1 Ember of Growth x10 Liz's Broomstick
★GOLD Liz x40 Liz's Broomstick

x1 5★ Liz (Max LVL)

★PLAT Liz x1 Flame of Growth

x1 ★GOLD Liz (Max LVL)

★DIAMOND Liz x2 Flame of Growth

x1 ★PLAT Liz (Max LVL)

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