Jail Key
Jail key
Rarity 2★-5★
Triggering Phase Unique: Jailbreak Chance
Max Usage
Stat increment per level
Mechanics Jail
Release Date April 14, 2016

By 25/20/15/10% chance, fee to escape Jail decreases 70/55/40/25% when selecting escape method

Strategy Edit

The cost to break out of jail by paying play JOY is reduced. This stacks with the Character stat "Cheaper Jailbreak Cost".

The usage of this goods is controversial, for several reasons:

  • The jailbreaking cost is relatively low (especially with high-level Characters equipped), so the discount doesn't really enable much.
  • It is only effective when you break out of Jail by paying, and when you don't have much money on hand you probably want to stay in Jail anyway.
  • It is not uncommon for opponents to have anti-Jail cards (such as Divine Punishment and Can't Hide From Me). In such an event, you would have been forcefully broken out of Jail and lose the chance for the jail key to activate.
  • A discount isn't as powerful as other effects, so many players would rather spare the valuable goods space for other equipment.

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