Ranking RulesYou will be placed into this division if you own below 30B JOY when the season starts.
Ranking Level Criteria Reward
Gold Skill Cards Crimson Blizzard Dice
1 (Top rank) 1 Place Template:Gold/Pouch 4★-5★ Skill Card Draw Template:Dice/Crimson
10 (Top rank) Rank 2 ~ Rank 10 Template:Gold/Pouch x5 Premium Skill Card Draw Template:Dice/Crimson
50 (Top rank) Rank 11 ~ Rank 50 Template:Gold/Pouch x4 Premium Skill Card Draw
100 (Rank) Rank 51 ~ Rank 100 Template:Gold/Pouch x3 Premium Skill Card Draw
300 (Rank) Rank 101 ~ Rank 300
500 (Rank) Rank 301 ~ Rank 500 Template:Gold/Pouch x2 Premium Skill Card Draw
1000 (Rank) Rank 501 ~ Rank 1000
Reward Unranked Template:Gold/Pouch Premium Skill Card Draw

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