The Genius League Ranking is a Ranking System where your score is determined by your League Points (LP) acquired during that ranking season.

It is the only way for players to earn Crimson Blizzard Dice fragments, by scoring high rankings.

Before the start of every Genius League Ranking season, you will be placed into a Division — based on the wealth (in JOY) you have — which decides the player pool you compete against and the rewards for your ranking in the division.

To qualify for Genius League Ranking rewards, you must have non-zero (at least 1) LP during the reward interval for the season. Except for the lowest tier (unranked) rewards, you may only receive higher ranking rewards by gaining a high ranking relative to all other competing players.

League PointsEdit

Whenever you finish a game in Join A Table (that is not in Practice Mode, Guild Match, Winning Streak Mode), your LP will change based on your match result (in JOY):

  • If you won, then an LP is gained for every 10M JOY you gain, rounding down.
  • If you lost, then you lose half of the above value, or otherwise -1 LP for every 20M JOY lost.

League Points will not be in negatives. If you have 0 LP when you lose, or you lose more LP than you have, then you lose all LP you have instead.


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