Gangnam PSY
Gangnam PSY1
Specialty Mini Battle Payout
Gender Male
Age 38
Height 5'7"
Occupation Master Performer
Voice Actors FlagKR PSY

Gangnam PSY is a superstar who rocks like no other. He was purchasable for $9.99 for a limited time only as part of the PSY X Game of Dice event. He's also available from combining and Premium Character Draw. During the event, it is possible to convert an existing Max level Daddy PSY to a level 1 Gangnam PSY of the same rarity by crafting together with a Flame of Growth.

There is another variation of PSY called Daddy PSY.

Character Stats Edit

Gangnam PSY
3 star2
3 Stars
4 star2
4 Stars
Five Star2
5 Stars




Start Money Bonus Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 115 Unknown
Cheaper Jailbreak Cost Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 104 Unknown
Mini Battle Payout ↑ Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 138 Unknown
Tax Discount Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 102 Unknown
Toll on Vacation Spots ↑ 4★ or higher only Unknown Unknown Unknown 108 Unknown
Toll on Cities ↑ 5★ or higher only 5★ or higher only Unknown Unknown 126 Unknown

Trivia Edit

  • This PSY variation is based on his popular song, Gangnam Style.
  • PSY is the first character to have two variations of the same character.
  • PSY is not part of Genius League at all since he's an unofficial character, and neither is Daddy PSY.

Quotes Edit

English Version:

  • Greet: "Let's go~"
  • Provoke: "Are you still there?"
  • Happy: "Yes, I'm the best."
  • Sad: "It's harder than I thought."
  • Angry: "You mother father?"
  • Flavor (off-match): "Game of Dice? Nice!"
  • Half-timer: "Are you still there?"
  • Ending-timer: "Did you check my new track?"

Gallery Edit

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