Rarity 5★, Puzzle
Mechanics Movement
Status Effect Buff (single roll)
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersRica
Release DateMay 4, 2016

Flight is a skill card from Premium Skill Card Draw and combining. It was introduced in the May you Craft in May Event and was available for crafting from puzzle pieces for a limited time.

Roll a Double on the next Dice roll and move twice the number of Dice roll.

Its mechanic is similar to Haste, with the catch being that you can use both in the same deck, and that this card is way more powerful as a utility card (and it has more stars).

Rolling doubles 1, 2, or 3 with Flight gives the movement equal to rolling doubles of 2, 4 and 6 respectively. The other three pairs of rolls all exceed 12 in move value.

Strategy Edit

  • You will only land on blocks in front of you with a distance divisible by four, with six outcomes (4-24) so use the card to land on the better squares.
  • Rolling doubles allow you to roll again as well as escape bad routes, similar to Haste. Most strategies about using doubles are already discussed in detail on that page as well.
    • You can use another skill card directly after using this skill card.
  • It lets you move forward for a far distance. It's a more flexible version of High Jump, because you have a better chance at landing on your desired square on a successful dice control.
  • Rolling double sixes while on a crossroad will get you to land on the same block as you were, so use this tactic while on the Fortune Road to loot the block one more time. Otherwise, rolling double sixes would put you four spaces behind where you were initially standing (almost looping one round).

How to Counter Edit

  • Use Yikes! Crocodile! to stop your opponents where you are, or at least discourage them to use this card during the current turn.


  • This is the first skill card released to be both a Dice Double card and have a hologram effect increasing dice control (+60%).

Hologram dice controlEdit

Main article: Hologram Dice Control
  • Rolling double threes or fours [outcome: 12, 16] would a high chance of landing in that spot. Otherwise, it would be twofold random (double ones or twos; double fives or sixes) (assuming Dice Control succeeds).
  • Dice Control buff is continued in subsequent turns after Dice Doubles (including the card itself) or landing on the start of a crossroad.
  • Some strategies using Flight as part of a combo include:
    • Use dice roll cards like Excellent Choice with a much higher chance to send your opponent flying.
    • Land on a big toll city, and use Pull or Drag.
    • Taking the Ox from a block that is a multiple of 4 away.

Gallery Edit

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