Event Skill Cards Edit

Event Skill Cards were used in events at some point. There are some event skill cards that can obtained from Premium Skill Card Draw.

2015 Christmas Event Map and PSY X Game of Dice Event Edit

Name Description Rarity
Curse For 2 turns, selected opponent will pay extra 300% in tolls.
Round Trip Make a full round trip around the map and land at the current location.
Big Fish Take 2 random properties when there are less than 7 unowned properties.
Slow Selected opponent will throw one dice on the next turn and it will be less than 2.

Pirate Invasion Event Edit

Name Description Rarity
A Wrecked Ship
Shiver Me Timbers!
Yikes! Crocodile! For 2 turns, characters passing by will stop where I stand.
You Come or I Go Select a character within 5 blocks, and bring character to my location or move to selected character's location.
Wild Compass

For 1 turn, selected character will roll less than 2 and move forward or backwards.

Curse For two turns, selected opponent will pay extra 300% in tolls.
You're Mine Now Selected opponent with 0 skill cards, and steal 20% wealth every turn until the opponent receives a skill card.
Shark Troops Character who steps on START for the first time will move to a random property owned by the skill card user.

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