Entry Tickets (also referred to as Instant Access Tickets) can be used to join a channel even when you do not have enough JOY. They can be bought with Gems if you attempt to join a channel when you do not meet the requirements. They are mainly obtained by completing Missions and can be combined by Crafting lower Entry Tickets, however the crafting recipes are inefficient.

Using Entry Tickets will deliver JOY equal to the requirements of the channel to your JOY bank during the match. Thus, there won't be problems of players with lower JOY than other participants in the channel since money is required to loan and bet.

Also, an Entry Ticket can be used for greater high scores for the Best Match Ranking season. For calculation of the high score, the amount delivered from the use of the Entry Ticket would be added to the amount you won in the match.

Professional Entry Ticket Edit


It can be used to join the Professional channel. If you do not own one, it costs 55 Gems to use.

Master Entry Ticket Edit


It can be used to join the Master channel. If you do not own one, it costs 160 Gems to use.

Grand Slam Entry Ticket Edit


It can be used to join the Grand Slam channel. If you do not own one, it costs 400 Gems to use.

Universe Entry Ticket Edit

It can be used to join the Universe channel. If you do not have one, it costs 1200 Gems to use. It is an unobtainable item.

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