Combining Skill Cards allow you to obtain a random, potentially higher grade Skill Card than the ones you used.

When combining Skill Cards, you must select unequipped Skill Cards to fill all 6 empty slots. Then, you may select either Normal combine or Special combine. Normal combine is free, and the resulting grade will defer from materials used (but there is a chance to get lower rarity). The resulting skill card will be presented after combination.

Using Special combine will guarantee an outcome equal to a certain grade in the event that low rarity fodder cards are used to "re-roll" a high rarity card, and allows combining 6 Skill Cards of the same level to get Skill Card of a level higher. Also, it gives Luxury Points.

Recipe Special Combine
Cost Result
2★ grade in all slots
Gems × 80
★3 or higher guaranteed
Highest grade is 3★ ★3 or higher guaranteed
Highest grade is 4★ ★4 or higher guaranteed
Highest grade is 5★ ★5 or higher guaranteed
3★ grade in all slots
Gems × 100
★4 or higher guaranteed
4★ grade in all slots
Gems × 150
★5 or higher guaranteed
5★ grade in all slots
Gems × 200
★6 or higher guaranteed
Highest grade is 6★ 5 Topaz ★6 or higher guaranteed

The original cost of Special Combine was 100 gems, and it costed 250 gems for combining into 6★, and it costed 10 Topaz for rerolling 6★ cards. However, following an event, they were changed to cheaper costs until further announcement indefinitely.

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