Characters are required to play matches. You can pick from various characters from a crazy scientist to a telekinetic. Characters specialize in different stats that can affect your gameplay.

Characters can be obtained from Normal Character Draw, Premium Character Draw, and Surprise Login Rewards.

Premium Character Draw costs 30 Gems for x1 draw but you're guaranteed a ★3 or higher. Normal Character Draw costs 10,000 Gold for x1 draw and you can get lower star characters including ★2.

Diamond is currently the highest grade that a character can reach.

There are currently 42 characters available, including Event characters, while excluding the Joker Variations and Daddy PSY (since he is PSY but in a different song)

Grade Effects Edit

Character models will receive a special effect swirling around them if they're a high grade (Gold~Diamond)

Character List Edit

There are Premium Characters and Normal Characters.

Normal Characters are easier to obtain, but they're typically weaker than Premium Characters. Premium Characters are usually stronger in stats and only start at 5★ grade. They're also harder to obtain too.

Normal Characters
IonMarySharonRavenLynnwayToraRicaBlack RoseDoriaStella
Premium Characters
SophiaIsabelleAnthonyKaiLucyPrinceLizAliceLing Ling
Joker Characters
Event Characters
Summer Update
Sanrio X GoD
KOF '98 UM X GoD

Character Enhancement Edit

Characters can be enhanced which increases their level. It costs other Characters as fodder and Gold to enhance and reach the max level of that character's grade. Enhancing can improve Character Stats.

★2 Characters can only go up to Lv. 5.

★3 Characters can only go up to Lv. 10.

★4 Characters can only go up to Lv. 15.

★5~★5D+ Characters can only go up to Lv. 20.

★6~★6G+ Character can reach up to Lv. 25.

Character Upgrade Edit

Characters at the maximum level can be upgraded by spending Gems. The Character will be replaced by Lv. 1 of a higher rarity if you do. For example, upgrading a ★4 Ion (Max Level) will give a ★5 Ion (Lv. 1).

It costs Gems to upgrade.

Grade Cost Result
★2 30 ★3 Character
Gems × 80
★4 Character
Gems × 140
★5 Character
Gems × 200
★5 Gold
★5 Gold
Gems × 230
★5 Platinum
★5 Platinum
Gems × 250
★5 Diamond

★6 require a ★5D or ★5D+ Character and 1500 Topaz or an Upgrade Star to reach it.

Jokers Edit

Jokers are special Characters that have a skill card that can be used before or after using the actual Skill Card in your hand. Usually, the Jokers are a 4* to 6* variation a skill card (regardless of the Season)

There are some Jokers that can be used and paired very well with their own cards, a good example is Dr. X's Gravity UP (Yikes! Crocodile!) or Mechanical Sharon's Sharon's Calculation (Let's Count from the Hello Kitty Update) and Marionette, this a very powerful move if you have Goods that can increase your Doubles to spell your opponent into a possible Double Bankruptcy in one turn.

Some Jokers can spell disaster when played early, Toll Booster Jokers will have to face the possibility of the opponent using Winning Move or Color Synchronization to gain the edge of the battle.

Try to mix and match your own Joker, Character that will be using it, and Skill Card Setup to gain the upper hand from the opponents.

Stats Edit

Character Stats can affect the game by increasing tolls, having more start money, and discounts.

Start Money Bonus allows you to begin the game with more start money.

Cheaper Jailbreak Cost reduces the cost of jail breaking.

Minibattle Payout increases the game money (JOY) payout from Minibattle victories. People who fail to pick the same coin as you will have to pay more.

Tax Discount reduces tax costs when arriving at National Tax Service.

Toll on Vacation Spots ↑ increases the toll fee collected when an opponent lands on your vacation spot.

Toll on Cities ↑ increases the toll fee collected when an opponent lands on your city.

Toll Discount reduces the toll fee when you land on an opponent's city.


  • Old Characters were given a visual update and converted from 2D to 3D animation on October 18, 2016.
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