The Best Match Ranking is a Ranking System where your score is determined by your best win in one single game (in JOY) during that ranking season.

To qualify for Best Match Ranking rewards, you must win a game during the season. While you may only receive the top tier rewards by gaining a high ranking relative to all other competing players, tiers outside it are based on a concrete score level.

The achievable Ranking Levels and their corresponding criteria are based on the channels, where every Ranking Level but Grand Slam has the criteria of the highest level being the maximum win cap of the channel.

Rewards Edit

Ranking Level Criteria Reward
Gems Ranking Medals
Grand Slam
10 (Top rank) Rank 1 ~ Rank 10
Gems × 300
100 (Top rank) Rank 11 ~ Rank 100
Gems × 250
300 (Top rank) Rank 101 ~ Rank 300
Gems × 200
500 (Top rank) Rank 301 ~ Rank 500
Gems × 150
1000 (Top rank) Rank 501 ~ Rank 1000
Gems × 100
III (Best score) More than 60B
Gems × 70
II (Best score) More than 40B
Gems × 50
I (Best score) More than 20B
Gems × 30
III (Best score) More than 15B
Gems × 25
II (Best score) More than 12B
Gems × 20
I (Best score) More than 7B 500M
Gems × 15
III (Best score) More than 5B
Gems × 10
II (Best score) More than 3B
Gems × 7
I (Best score) Under 3B
Gems × 5

Trivia Edit

  • Before Ranking Medals were introduced, Best Match Rankings would reward Character Draw Tickets instead, both Regular and Premium.
  • For a while, Best Match Rankings rewarded the Ranking Reward Character Effect, however it can only be earned from Wealth Ranking now.
  • Universe channel is the only channel that does not have its name marked as a Ranking Level, however because its mechanics are similar to the Grand Slam channel, players achieving the Grand Slam rankings are likely to reach it from the Universe channel instead.

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