Bankruptcy is the state players are in when they are out of the game.

More specifically, a player is declared bankrupt if they run out of play JOY and do not have enough funds to pay when paying other players in the end of a phase resolution. The first time a player would go bankrupt, they may abstain it by taking a Loan. If they do not, they will be declared to be bankrupted immediately.

Before resolution of the Loan and after when a player has insufficient funds to pay, the unpaid funds will be taken from the player's main JOY bank from their account.

Bankrupted players may leave the game even before it has finished. In a team match, this forfeits their betting money and will not gain any prize money even when their team wins.

Out of money Edit

Simply having no money does not put you under bankruptcy. For example, immediately after loaning (which gives the player a round number) and giving up exactly all your money with a debuff that steals JOY (such as God's Judgement) will have you stay in the game.

In-between bankruptcy Edit

Having insufficient funds during a phase but not when it is completely resolved will not bankrupt a player. There are exceptions if a single phase involves such checks.

  • If you run out of funds to pay a debuff that steals more JOY than you have during your roll (such as Speeding), you will not go bankrupt (only) if you obtain wealth in the end of the roll by landing. (This includes winning the Minibattle or getting money from the Bank)
  • Under effect of Mysterious Commission, even if you run out of funds to pay toll of the property that you land on, you will receive JOY after paying and not go bankrupt.
  • Under effect of Stormy Weather, when you are targeted as the first player moved to Tornado and run out of funds to pay toll, you may be declared bankrupt immediately even before the full effect is resolved.
  • If you are moved to a hostile property by the effect of a Skill Card and run out of funds while paying toll, you either take a loan or are declared bankrupt before your opponent moves by the roll, even if the effect is triggered by the roll itself (such as Excellent Choice or Fetch).

Trivia Edit

  • Bankrupted players will still be in effect of the game. For example, when a ghost city of a bankrupted owner is taken by Skill Cards, the equipped Goods Hands of Comfort may trigger and have them gain a takeover certificate.

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